25 November 2007

Liuzhou & Guigang, Guangxi, China

I still hard to believe they sent the three of us here, the three stooges. Everytime I saw the pictures taken or when we three eaten together, I still smiling why the hell they sent us all here… But that’s the excitement. First, the stooges goes to Lampung, and then even the bigger city, overseas pula, Liuzhou, in China ! For a month ! Now, not only to Liuzhou, they also ask us to visit Guigang, the other city in Guangxi province.

This is a once in a life time opportunity. Visiting overseas, experiences Chinese life in their own country. Working, making friends, hangin’ around, what they eat and what they do to spend time. This is one hell of experience. If I have chance, next time I come, with company’s or my own, I wanna bring along my wife and kid, to live this life for a week. Showing them how good the quality life the Chinese people get here.

Now, I’m sitting alone in You Yi BinGuan. The hotel in Guigang, which I’d stayed in my last visit (August). This afternoon, we were taken a 3.5 hours trip from Liuzhou to Guigang. After having a pleasant lunch and chat with Dewi, Karen and Amei, and a walk in the amazing lake side of Da Long Tan with Dewi, we were picked up at the hotel at 4 PM.

Da Long Tan is a lake with tremendous view of Chinese characteristic hills around it. The atmosphere is like in Taman Bunga Puncak in Indonesia. Here, couples taken a pre-wedding pictures, married people hangin’ around with their kid, old people having tai chi and singing. Good place. We took bus from our hotel to the place. Number 19, only RMB 1.2 each.

Before, on Saturday, we visiting the most famous hill in Liuzhou and it’s a symbol of the city, the Ma An San. The one that we used to took pictures as a background from the riverside at night. This time we climb up to the top of the hill. Yeah !!! I can say, I’ve been to the top of it, in case somebody say, hey, that mountain is beautiful… Eventhough it’s not very high, only 180m from ground, from the top of it, we can see the whole Liuzhou. That’s why this hill more famous compare to others. Liuzhou city is quite unique, because it has a river that surrounding the centre of the city, and they built many bridge to connect the two side of the river. You can see this from the top of the hill. In the other side, there’s a bit different view. Smaller buildings with mountains and hills scenery as the background. Very beautiful scene.

On Saturday morning, we went to Liuhou Park. Liuhou Gungyuen, a park to commemorate General Liu Zongyuan, who built this city. This is one huge park, with many open spaces to enjoy. More or less the same with Da Long Tan, but this one is in the center of the city, with less mountains view.

Tonight, me and the other two stooges is in Guigang, much smaller city compare to Liuzhou. Another adventure awaits for the three stooges.

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