06 Desember 2007

I'm a bad women at office

I will never thinking that in my life I have been made two persons in my Company resigned because of what I have done. At the day those two persons submit the resignation letters to my boss, he directly called me to make it clear (29/11/07).

Here is the part of conversation between me and my boss:

Boss: Nat, I've heard that my purchasing manager and her staff want to resign because of you. They said that you are taking all of the purchasing job, like choosing the suppliers and negotiate to suppliers. It is not correct, right. Although you're a purchasing panel, but the authorities of purchasing panel is only to review at the final decision of purchasing, not to take all the purchasing job.

Nat: Dear Boss, I know that I've go too far to purchasing area, but I do it for reasons. I really care about this Company, that's why I do this.

Remember when we have a meeting with doctor Amelia (not real name). Dr. Amelia complains why the ABC book is not released yet. At that time, you were very upset and also asking the team why it is not release yet. You directly pushed the project manager to make it and you also assigned me to responsible for this.

The day after, the project manager came to me and asked me to approve the purchase request of those ABC book with only quotation from one SINGLE supplier while the specification already final 1-2 weeks before. Then I said to him that I will NOT approve until we get the quotations from at least 3 suppliers. He said that he became crazy because of this situations, in which you as a boss pushes him like this while the purchasing person can not effort for this.

The project manager goes back to purchasing and asks for 3 quotations from 3 different suppliers, but at that time purchasing can not make it quickly.

Due to that situation, I as purchasing panel take initiative to search another 2 suppliers. We (purchasing panel team) call some of suppliers in the morning, and at the same day we've already got the quotation from 4 different suppliers. Isn't it quick? Then why purchasing dept can not do this? Noted also that the price from these last suppliers are much lower then the first price that purchasing person gives us!

After we get those quotations, we invite the purchasing dept to deal negotiation with suppliers, but it is a bad deal, because after the purchasing person says that this is final price, I check to supplier whether the price can be negotiated or not, then the price can get LOWER.

Dear boss, I as purchasing panel don't want to take the purchasing job. We also have our own job, but the condition makes it so.

Boss: So you're doing this because you have reasons.

Nat: Yes, that's only for ABC book. There are many other conditions of book JKU, folder BDE and book XYZ.

Okay, that's why I call you, I want to make it clear, I want to be an objective person of this situations. Based on your story, our purchasing persons are not capable and can not give their best performance to our company. I also have heard this before at long time ago. If you have things like this again in the future, then you noted and report all of the conditions to me then the purchasing persons should be removed.

AND the happy news is ...... the purchasing manager and her staff want to resign, and I'm HAPPY for that. Just tell HRD to find another person with strong capability.
Another time, you have one like this, you noted and reported to me, and remove the person (he said once again).

Nat: Thank you boss, for your trust.

At the rest of that day, I'm just feel that I'm a bad women, because I have made other persons resign........
God, please forgive me.......
-by nattz-

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