22 April 2008

Cat, Donkey and Snake in One Dinner

China is a quite unique country. You nearly can eat anything at anytime. There is one time when we were having lunch at one of company’s port, we were talking about what you’ve been eat or not yet been eat, what you eager to eat and what you would never even try for your whole life. It is revealed that some people even like to eat baby placenta in a soup.

Some have tasted bat, scorpion, cricket, even a kind of ant, bee, and larva. Eating wild boar (celeng), snake, rabbit, dog, buffalo, goose and dog are seems ordinary for them. A friend said he already taste the horse. Lucky, I got something to be proud of because I have taste the snake, goose, deer and monkey. The last one only me who had tasted :_) At the end of conversation, we agreed to go and eat cat meat for dinner. Since none of us have ever taste this kind of animal, including some of our local Chinese fellow.

Arrived at the restaurant, they hang the big billboard with pictures of cat. The kitty actually, and they were cute. But when you walk inside the restaurant, very different view you will see. They hang the cats, roasted, the full body. Quite scary for the first time. But be brave, soon enough you will eat them, not them eat you :_)

When choosing the menu, it seems that beside cat, they also selling snake and, this is extraordinary, donkey meat (Lu rou) ! Still in the atmosphere of curiosity, we just as well order also the donkey. There’s 3 choices, the meat, the skin and (uuuhhh) the blood ! We order meat and skin. For soup, we asked for snake soup, and then the servant suggests also the chicken in the soup, so the soup could taste better. We also asked whether they selling mouse meet. I don’t know whether fortunate or unfortunately, they don’t have.

The snake, because it is just a small snake, taste not very good. The soup taste awesome though. And the donkey skin, I think it’s just the same taste as kikil (leg of the cow). For me not ok, because I don’t like the kikil. I conclude that cat and donkey meat is ok. But, if someone asks me whether I’m going to eat those meats again or not, I will certainly say NO, once is enough. Just to add my list. Although it’s just a short list :_)

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