31 Januari 2008

SingMaThai DAY 2: KL

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At 7 AM, KL is still a bit dark when we took our breakfast. Chow Mien or Kwetiaw (Fried Noodle or Kwetiaw) with some pork, chicken and fish nuggets to start a day.

Today, we’re going to see the most Malaysian proud, the Petronas Twin Towers. From Petaling Street, we took a 10 minutes walk to Pasar Seni Monorail Station, to took Monorail to Suria KLCC, the shopping mall, just below Twin Towers. Ticket is RM 1.6 per person. The train not so long to come. Just about few minutes to reach Suria KLCC. From there right away headed to the ticket counter to get the free ticket to the level 41 of the Twin Towers. They giving 1000 tickets each day starting 9 PM, it’s a free tickets, but you have to queue from before 9, otherwise, you won’t get the ticket, or, if you lucky enough, you probably get the tickets for 5 or 6 o’clock (latest). We queue from about 8.30 and get tickets for 10.30 at about 9.45, so still have time to took photos from in front of the building. 10.30, first they show us a brief about the Petronas and the building for about 5 minutes with 3D images. Then with a very fast elevator, they lift us to the level 41. Not much to see up there. 15 minutes time they gave is more than enough to took some photos and videos. Really, not much. Only, come this far to Malaysia don’t come here is like don’t come to Malaysia at all. After, we took a walk at Suria KLCC mall and at back side there’s a park. Took some photos there also. Then we decide to go back China Town to have lunch because we promise dad to eat at Yong To Fu, because, otherwise, if we don’t took it today, we won’t have another chance.

Wow, Yong To Fu seems to be favorite of the people. When we arrive there (at the traditional market at the back of our hotel), the place already full and we have to queue for our food. Yong To Fu is one of the traditional Chinese food, contain of many kind of tofu, original and fried, fish ball, pork meatball, bitter melon etc with pig-bone-essence soup. DELICIOUS. With a crowded, noisy (people’s shouting in Chinese), and a bit dirty surrounding, just bring out the best taste of the original Yong To Fu. YUMMY.

Stomach full, we continue our journey: Batu Cave. Actually, we don’t know how to reach there. But after questioning several people, hotel reception, bus conductor woman, bus waiter and some guy in the street, now we know. Very easy actually, just wait behind the Central Market near trees and Bangkok Bank, “awak tengok tak pokok tu, d’kat Bangkok Bank” said the last guy we asked. We took the longer way, whereas we can just walk from backside of the Petaling Street, hehe, next time better :_)

Bus no 11 took us right until the destination with only RM 2 per person. Batu Cave is a mountain of rock, which staircase built on it to reach to the cave, where Hindu people come and worship the god. There are more than 250 staircase to climb, and all of us (include 2 moms) reached up to the top. At the top there are stalactites that formed the cave from many years. The cave is quite big, with the end of the cave there’s a hole upside. That’s were the worship took place. Right next the staircase, they built an almost-as-high-as-the-staircase image of Hindu’s god (sorry I don’t know which one, perhaps Brahma, since Vishnu supposed to have more than just two hands). Hindu people and tourist mixed together in this place. But can be easily different, since the Hindu must not ware shoes or sandal while climb the stair and at the cave, also some colored their head with yellow after shaved all the hair. Some brings flowers, even bring image of I don’t know what it called, just like Reog in Ponorogo. Some even kneel while climbing the stairs. Perhaps, the more obstacle you took while climbing the stairs, the more reward (‘pahala’) you get. The place is worth to visit.

From there, we headed back to China Town. But since the day still young (5 o’clock is still sunny in Malaysia) and the bus happen to cross in front of Merdeka Square, we though it’s good to stop by for a while for some photos. Merdeka square (Dataran Merdeka) is one of the Malaysian famous icon. In fact, long time ago, before they built Twin Towers, this building was the most famous one, was once the symbol of Malaysia. Very hot sunshine that afternoon, very good for photos, but not good for moms and Natz :_) Me and dad enthusiast to took photos, the cloud and everything was fine.

From there, we took taxi to our hotel, RM 10 for 1 taxi 5 persons. Some taxi driver refused us because overloaded, and worst, we bargain for only RM 5, “kenapa begitu murah…” said one of the taxi driver ha ha.

Headed back to Hotel, took shower and ready for dinner. That night, we try for other route that lead us to Hindu Temple. Not very far from there, there’s restaurant at the road side (‘pinggir jalan’) that offer Chinese food. Their special is Fish head, so we order one. Wa, very delicious indeed. Spicy and a bit salty. Also the fish was fresh and big too. Enough for everybody :_)

This is the end of day two. Tonight, we have to pack our bag to our next destination: PHUKET.

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