31 Januari 2008

SingMaThai DAY 3 (21 January): KL – Phuket

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Our flight is 1.40 PM at noon, but we have to come early to airport to avoid any unpredictable things that could happen. We spare 2 hours before, we must arrived at airport. Like yesterday, we start our day by breakfast at Petaling Street, but this time we have porridge. Hot and delicious. After, we took 1 taxi RM 15 to KL Sentral to continue with Skybus to LCCT. Our luggage is only 2 bag and 2 handcarry, very little, so 1 taxi is enough. Other luggage we left at our hotel. This time we took Skybus instead of Aerobus. Because Skybus will definitely run on schedule, while Aerobus runs when passenger full. Arrived at airport about 11.00, check-in etc, 11.30 we prepare to have breakfast at Asia Kitchen just in the front side of the Terminal, next to McDonald. Here, the Nasi Lemak Spesial and the Chicken Rice was not so bad, but price little bit high.

Flight was 1 hours to Phuket, but since Phuket time is one hour less than Malaysia, we arrived at 1.40 Thailand time. There, already wait for us Mr. Mai, an independent driver with his own car who specialized himself to serve the tourist. We booked him by internet, with his wife Nuch.

That evening, he took us sightseeing around Phuket. The plan was South Phuket today, and North of Phuket the day after tomorrow, while headed to airport, back to KL. First, he took us to Phuket city, the highland (small hill) where you can see almost the whole Phuket from here. Next, is Cashew Nut factory to buy some snack. You can try before you buy. We bought dried small crab which the shell can be eaten. One pack THB 90, we bought 4. Dad bought sweet cashew nut 2 pack @ THB 180.

Next, Mr. Mai took us to see Wat Chalong Temple. It’s a complex of 4 or 5 temples big and small. What interesting about the Thai temple is that the yellow color really shining like gold. Here, we took some coconuts to ease our thirst.

From there we headed to Phromthep Cape, the very south of the Phuket Island, located between Nai Harn beach and Rawai beach. The view is great from up here, and the Sun Set should be perfect. But we cannot stay until sun set, there’s one other place to go (View Point), and above all, we have to arrived at Patong before 7 to book a ticket for Phi Phi island tour for tomorrow.

View Point also great. You can see Karon beach, Kata beach and Kata Noi Beach at once. After, we went to Patong beach were our place to stay located not far from. Sunset also great at Patong beach, but unfortunately, we can only view it from the van because need to catch Phi Phi island booking at 7.

Booking for Phi Phi island tour you must know the trick. This is a valuable lesson we learn from others. Lucky us who live in the era of internet. Booking from internet will cost you THB 3300. From agent, written in the brochure is THB 2,800. They will give you ‘special’ discount, you pay only THB 2,000. Waaa sounds cheaper right. No. Can be cheaper. From what we read from internet, the price is THB 1,200 but that was sometimes last year. We asked for THB 1,200 per person, just a try. Surprisingly, they offered THB 1,500. We dealt at THB 7,000 for 5 persons, i.e. THB 1,400 per person. Everybody happy.

Arrive at Lamai Apartment at nearly 7 o’clock. Yes, we’re staying at an apartment instead of hotel, due to high season (January is high season in Phuket, best weather, and in contrary, in Europe and US, now is the winter, which many of European/US come to Asia). We pay Mr. Mai THB 1,800 for the service (from 2 PM to almost 8 PM). All hungry, so we rushing for dinner. About 20 minutes walk direction to Patong beach. We ate at place call Sopita, in front is restaurant, back is a hotel. Who knows what date is this??? Nobody but mom said, “your wedding day, last year”… YEEEE Mom got doorprize, a kiss from daughter-in-law… Yup, today is our 1 st anniversary, and we celebrate it in a exotic night at Phuket island. Who would think of. Too bad is not just the two of us alone ;_)


Thanks to them to allowed us to left our luggage on their place. Total 3 luggage, which 2 of them were quite big. “Can we left some of our luggage while we away, we’ll be back at 26?” The answer was convincing, “Off course, sure.” We choosing the right place to stay and to keep our luggage :_) Last year, while staying here also left some of our luggage to them. Safe and Trusted.

No additional comment. Everything smooth and OK. Where else can you find air ticket only RM RM 252.76 per person, or equals to IDR 730,000 only flying you from KL to Phuket !!!

Mr. MAI (and Mrs. NUCH)
Big guy with black glasses. But very friendly and informative. You can book him through his wife (Mrs. Nuch) e-mail at hknuch@hotmail.com or kunthipc@thaimail.com. Usually, she will reply you on 3 – 5 days, but she definitely will reply. The rate was THB 1,500 – THB 1,800 depends on the destination. She offer us, if sightseeing only, THB 1,500 (half day) and pick up at airport right away to hotel THB 1,000. So, we took pick up at airport but not right away to hotel, after sightseeing then to hotel. We ask how much we need to pay, Mr. Mai said, he don’t know about charging client, it’s depend on us and his wife (through e-mail), so we paid him THB 1,800 (almost six hours from 2 PM to almost 8 PM). He has two vans, which one of them he drove himself. Also can be reach at phone number +66841134809.

Rooms are still new, reception said it just renovated on Oct 2007. Clean and Tidy. Air-con, phone, TV, DVD player and hot water evthing's running well. All staff speaks English well and very helpful. 5 of us book only 2 rooms they gave us extra bed, towel and pillow WITHOUT extra charge, in-fact, they worried about us felling un-comfort 3 persons staying in a room for 2. The only thing is that you have to bring your own drinks as they don't have any drinks on compliment. Though, you can ask for hot water for coffee etc, they would not charge you. The staircase is pretty hard to climb but still OK. One more thing, this place is about 20 minutes more to Patong beach by walk. Quite far from the heart of city, but in contrary, you get the nice and quiet sleep at night. Will definitely stay here if back to Phuket.

Booking service was very helpful and trusted. If not get booking in one place, they will suggest you to another place. The instruction was easy to follow and the payment confirmation was all clear. You can book through www.sawadee.com. More info in www.phuket dir.com/lamaiapartment, or e-mail at lamaiapartment@hotmail.com. Rate for standard room is THB 1000.

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