09 Januari 2008

My first CAR and first MOTORBIKE

I bought my first motorbike on February 2002. A brand new light blue first edition Yamaha Jupiter. With loan from my sister (Cece) which I installed monthly with my enough-is-enough KPMG Junior salary. I installed 1 million, sometimes 1.5 a month until it fully settled, IDR 12 million. Off course, it’s non-interest bearing loan, he he. During those times, due to installment and other cost of living (I live separated from my parent – ngekos), I sometimes have to take only “Indomie” or Rp. 1000 bread for stuck my hungry stomach in exchange of dinner. I remember those cloudy days... :_(

My first car has different story. But also, this one is an installment :P this time from my lovely Dad. After I’m not ngekos anymore and live with my big brother (Khioko), I have to travel the longer road to the office due to Khioko’s house is a bit far from my office. Khioko’s house at Citra Garden (Kalideres) and my office is in Sudirman (Wisma GKBI). By bike, everyday must travel through Jl. Daan Mogot which well-known for the traffic jam and bad reputation of the bus’ driver, known as Mikrolet, Kopaja and angkot Tuyul. That’s where my mom, who live separated from us (at Bangka), really worry about me might having an accident. So, my father came all the way to Jakarta, to find me a good second-hand car.
That’s where came my gold Suzuki Baleno year 2000. The price quite high at that time, IDR 86.5 million bought in 2004, around August. Installment was IDR 2.5 million per month by paying their insurance (Prudential). Papa 1.5 million, Mama 1 million a month. Until November 2007, has been fully settled. Now the Prudential being paid by Khioko (1 million), me (1 million) and Cece (half million).

I sold the car in 2006 around November, due to need money for house down payment. Sold at IDR 65 million, go down 20 million more in only 2 years. Quite sad. But what to say, at that time really need money and the market price is around there. Most people asked 61 or 62 million only. I gave this guy (Adri) included 12 CD changer worth IDR 2.5 million and several CDs. Also before sold, I fixed here and there cost me almost 2 million. Not to mention fixing air conditioner 1.3 million more. Also cleaning the mold and other things cost me a few hundreds, which to small to be mentioned.

However, by sold-out the Baleno, didn’t mean I have no car :_) I have this brand new Kijang Inova which belong to my Dad. So this is how it was. When my dad bought this car in early 2006, my Baleno was given to my sister, because, you see, Inova is too big for her, off course. Then, when I sold my Baleno, was around November, and it was near her birthday, so guess what?? Birthday present was a brand new dark grey metallic Toyota Yaris… really groovy huh? So now, after a motorbike and a Baleno on my own (I mean I owned them with my own money, although it was a loan), I now joint my elder brother and sister, using the property of my dad :_) My brother using Isuzu Panther, sister use Toyota Yaris, and me, he he a Kijang Inova. Until my Mom and Dad moving to Jakarta, the Inova is mine :_) off course, except if they’re coming to Jakarta (visit), I gave it back. But now, lucky my brother has himself a Kijang Inova also, so I didn’t have to return the car every time my parent were here :_) Consider my self a lucky son :_)

Back to the story of my bike. So, after a bought the Baleno, where this Jupiter gone? Well, tell you the truth, sometimes I even forget I have this bike. First, it just there at my brother’s house. Then come my friend, Syamsumin (Umin) with his idea. Because he is temporarily stay in Jakarta, he come to lend my bike with payment of IDR 150,000 per month. Ojeg rate he said, off course + taking good care of the bike. After six month, he handed back to me, because he’s gone to Bangka. After that, my brother ‘occupied’ it to one of his employee (salesman). Poor bike. Did not treat right at that time. I’m not sure they ever check the oil or take it to the routine service. Not even wash perhaps. So, after a while, I take it back, and rather handed it to Keni (my step brother), who I believe, will use and take care it more responsible. At that time, Keni just joint an MLM (don’t have to write the name here). He need the bike for mobility and at that time still don’t have enough money to buy one. So I lend him for free in exchange of taking good care of the bike. After a while, Keni bought himself a brand new motorbike, Suzuki something (New Smash if I’m not mistaken), so he kindly return the bike form me.

Not just that, he also do me another favor. He found me a potential buyer for the bike. I forget his name, he’s a friend of Keni. For IDR 4 million, I sold the bike in Jun or July 2007. The bike has been mine for about 5 years, but actually with me only 2 years. After 2004, I really only used it occasionally for, when my car when to workshop several days or when extension of vehicle tax (STNK). I remember the time when I was still routinely take the bike to workshop for maintenance and for wash. Sometimes also I washed it my self. Really love it.

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