06 Februari 2008

SingMaThai DAY 5: Phuket – KL

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This morning we took porridge for breakfast. We wanted to take noodle, wanted to try noodle in Thai, but the restaurant is still closed, the owner showed us to another restaurant that open, a few house away. They sale porridge with cakue. Not as delicious as China town KL.

Mr. Mai again who pick us up. At 9 AM, we’re all ready. All packed for flying to KL. Our flight is 4 PM, so, still time for us for sightseeing on the way to airport, which located at the north of Phuket island. We stop bye at Patong beach.
Kamala beach.
Nai Thon beach.
And Nai Yang beach.

We had our lunch there. Said my dad, it’s the most delicious so far, at turned out to be the most delicious of all for this journey, include Bangkok and Pattaya, he said. We had fish (100% fresh), squid, pork sate and tom yam. So delicious, my dad wanted to take picture with the cook, who happen to be the owner of the restaurant, named Sumalee. We’re just lucky, or all restaurant were delicious there. Never know.

Arrived airport at 2 PM, fly back to Malaysia at 4 PM and arrived at 6 PM Malaysia time. Back to China Town Inn (2) hotel, just to change what we want to bring to Singapore. Since we’re taking bus at 12 midnight, we might as well took shower here :_) And the owner didn’t mind at all.

All set, we headed to Puduraya bus station to go to Singapore. Stop bye near Ancasa hotel to buy 1 ringgit nasi lemak for eat at the road. 6 hours from KL to Singapore via Johor. We will arrive at Singapore at 6 the next morning. We slept at the bus. Next morning, we’ll be at Singapore, so have a nice sleep… at bus… :_)


OK. Clean. Comfort. Convenience for sleep, suitable for overnight trip. Aircon was too cold though, just prepare enough clothes to cover your body. They allow you to eat and drink at bus, since the bus stop only at Johor after 3 hours. 33 seats a bus, but usually to Singapore full, but quite empty from Sing to KL. No wonder much more expensive from Sing. RM 30 from KL and RM 50 from Sing, bought at Puduraya, KL. We heard that if bought from Sing, even more expensive.

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