06 Februari 2008

SingMaThai DAY 7, 8, 9: Singapore – KL – Genting – KL - Jakarta

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From China Town start at 8.30 to catch the bus at 10.20. We start with breakfast noodle at the back-side of the mall (below the People’s Park Centre is a shopping mall, in fact, everywhere is a shopping mall in Singapore). We forget where to stop to go to Lavender bus station. We bought MRT ticket one station ahead, lucky, still can go back without additional charge. Should be stop at Lavender, we stop at Kallang, Natz thought closer to bus station from there than from Lavender. At the station, me and Natz walk to gas station next to the station, to the small shop (Cheers or something, Fair Price network) to by top up card for M1 (Singapore) for Hacu back in Jakarta (titipan). The saleslady quite surprise when we very happy to know she sale the card, but we only bought one :_) Then, I took Today (free newspaper), when I asked her how much, she said, “Today is free, tomorrow expensive” with a smile from her face.

From Sing to KL, 6 hours. Right time for sleep. At about 1 PM, the bus stop at Johor for lunch. This is the worst lunch the whole trip. Natz bought Soto Ayam (In fact is Indonesian food, Malaysia should learn harder how to prepare Soto), Me, dad and mom eat Nasi Lemak, but very very bad, much worst than nasi lemak 1 ringgit near Puduraya. But we have no other choice than to eat there. This is the same place we stop by last time from KL to Sing. Also there’s a toilet 20 sen per person.

Arrived at Puduraya at about 4.30 PM. A Pakistanian girl who happen to be in the same bus, come toward us and ask whether she can borrow my phone to call her friend. She (named Husna) study in Singapore and visit a friend in Malaysia. Oh, my Indosat bill will be up high this month because of int’l roaming. But for helping people, it’s OK. After off the bus, again she borrow my phone, make me and mom separated from others. Again, I use the phone to call dad. My oh my, hope the bill is not too high :_(

At Puduraya, we bought ticket to Genting for 5.30 PM (RM 8.5 per person include Gondola). We have 1 hour to go to China Town Inn (2) hotel, again, to change clothes to bring to Genting. This time no time and also no need to took shower, since we can took shower at Genting (First World hotel), and from KL only about 2 hours to Genting. Again, we stop by to buy nasi lemak 1 ringgit, 10 wraps :_)

To Genting was fun. That day, the weather was clear, so we can see the hotels from below. From bus stop to the highland was more fun when we took Gondola, to the top. Dad was a bit afraid, whereas, he and mom aver to the higher Gondola when visiting China.

First World Hotel is where we stay. It located at the back side from where Gondola stops. So we have to walk quite far, follow the instruction, there’s icon to follow. After check-in, took bath and rest for a while, we go out at 10 PM. Where else beside the Casino. First, we enter the smaller one, win about RM 30 hehe, then to bigger Casino, Casino de Genting, loose all RM 100. Me and Natz not gambling, only 2 moms and dad. Actually Natz wanted so mush to play Kino, but I don’t allowed her, I kept all the money :_) At the Casino, we took a lot of small cute pencil which written “Casino de Genting”. I thought it funny for give away to friends back at office :_) For dinner, we had KFC, since other place already closed. Already 12 midnight.

In the morning, we had breakfast at First World Restaurant, actually the voucher only valid for 2 person each room, so we have only breakfast for 4, but the restaurant staff were too busy due to very crowded, so we slip away for paying additional breakfast which cost RM 42 per person :_) The food were a lot but not one delicious :_(

We’re not playing at the Indoor nor Outdoor Theme Park, since none of us still young :_P Moreover, me and Natz already play at Outdoor last time. So, where do we go? We thought might be fun to go to Chin Swee Cave Temple, a Buddhist Temple. Paid RM 5 per person for van that took us from Highland Hotel to the temple. No need to reserve, first come first serve, but no worry, not many interested to go, or they don’t know. I think many people don’t know this temple.

The temple is OK. Lucky us, the weather was fine (12.30), not foggy like last time. “Tak ada kabut, cantik” said the driver. Yup, very nice view and great for photos. There’s image of Buddha, Kwan Im, Son Go Kong and friends, 18 shaolin, Pagoda, and Kelenteng. Also, there’s relief of ancient Chinese life, and, this one is the most interesting, there’s an illustration of what happen in Chinese version Hell, from level 1 to ten, before reincarnation to become human, high, middle, or lower level, even reincarnation become animal. Quite scary. They gave us 1 hour 15 minutes in the Temple, but it seems not enough.

Back to the hotel, we already check-out before to temple, we left our luggage to the concierge. We had our lunch at Hou Mei, restaurant, just like last time. After taking our luggage, we going back to KL. First, we must buy Gondola ticket to reach the bus station, RM 5 per person. At the Gondola stop, before taking bus, there’s store that sale sweets and snack for gift. There, you can try the food before you buy. From there, 3rd floor of the building, headed down, to the ticket box to buy ticket to KL, RM 3.5 per person.

Arrived at KL, check-in to China Town Inn (2), took shower and then out for dinner. Raining hard that night, so we just get to eat at the easiest place, can not chose. We ate at the place that we walk by everytime going in or out the hotel, still in the Petaling Street. Not bad. Because of raining, can not be choosy.

After, we separate. Dad and moms going to Kota Raya (Wisma Fui Chiu) for shopping, while me and Natz went to buy gift still in Petaling Street and to UO Store near Petaling street. Tonight is our last night. Tomorrow going back to Jakarta. But nit for mom and dad who extend the trip to Bangkok and Pattaya by Janesak Tour. End of Natalia tour, they said. Tour which fully use public transportation to go anywhere :_) but they admit that the tour was fun and kind of adventure.

The next day, we took taxi to KL Central (only RM 6 each, this should be the fair price, thanks to the first taxi driver, the second taxi not very happy with the price). At KL Central still time to catch the 10.30 AM skybus to LCCT. So we went to shopping centre at KL Central. Finally, mom get what she looking for. Actually it’s was my choice, a hand bag, grey color and looks very nice. Discount 70% to only RM 41.7 (about IDR 125,000). So, we bought it.

At LCCT, after check-in (our plan the same ETD as mom and dad, 1.40 PM), again, we ate at Asia Kitchen, 2 Nasi Lemak Special, with refillable ice lemon tea. + Nasi Lemak 1 ringgit Natz mom bought at the traditional market this morning. Dad had Mee hoon.

At the waiting room, we met our fellow Indonesian again, the one we met at Phi Phi island tour. 1.40, we get in the plane first. But mom and dad’s plane fly first. Arrived at Cengkarang, Natz’ dad, brother, sister in law and their son has waiting for us. That afternoon, we had Pempek (Palembang’s traditional food). Natz family is actually Palembang, so you know what I mean ;_)

What a trip. Full of joy and fun. With any kind of experiences, cities, traditional market, buildings, temples, shopping, china towns, beaches, mountain, and casinos. Can’t wait for our next trip: MEDAN (March 2008). Have FUN.


OK. Full aircon. Comfortable seats. Has a big window for sightseeing. On the way pass the Batu Cave. RM 8.5 from Puduraya up until Genting (include Gondola skyway RM 5). Inside the bus they not allow you to drink, eat, and knock your feet. Be careful of the drinking water seller, he will act as if the water is free (compliment from the bus), but after you’ve taken the water, he will later charge you RM 2.

Is the cheapest hotel inside the Genting complex. Standard rate was RM 85 per room per night, if book via internet, you can get 15% discount. Lucky we book at promotion period, so we get free breakfast for 2 with rate only USD 17.88 (IDR 166,000) per room per night for standard room :_) Located at the most far from the gate or Gondola. Just follow the green icon, it will lead you to the lobby. Lobby is very wide, up more than 25 receptions there. But please understand, this is low rate 3 stars hotel, don’t expect the reception to be friendly with high hospitality. Compare to Highland hotel, for example the reception name Salbiah, which very friendly and informative, even though we’re not staying there (only asking about Chin Swee Cave). We chose her as excellent employee. For your convenience, will be very helpful if you bring your own electric connector. The electric plug they have is a three hole plug (kotak, panjang), while usually we use 2 hole (bulat). The connector is actually available to be borrowed to guess without any additional charge, but they limited. Last year, we’re lucky enough to borrow (with deposit RM 200 – if not wrong). No aircon in the room, but don’t worry, you still be comfortably sleeping under your blanket :_) TV only a view channels, but you don’t come here for TV, right? Hot water, phone, drinking water, everything runs well. Reservation at www.genting.com.my.

Very helpful. Natz and mom came first at 10 AM before us. The staff treat us really kind. Give seat to Natz’ mom at the waiting. Then suggest us to wait at upstairs (KL Sentral) while he helps us keep our luggage. Thumps up for AirAsia, not only in the sky but also in the ground. Will always use Skybus (red one) and never use Aerobus (yellow one) no more.

Love this airplane company. Our traveling plans nearly everytime follow this airplane schedule. Monitor the promotion frequently, you might get lowest fare as we do. Bali, Apr 2006, KL-Bangkok, Jan 2007 (honeymoon), KL-Phuket, Jan 2008, and our next nearest journey: Medan, March 2008. All can be done with AirAsia promotion tickets. We never plan our journey without first look at the AirAsia schedule and promotion :_)

This is a Thailand local tour, who happen to have connection with Interlink tour, Bandung. We use their service last year (honeymoon) and we feel satisfied. The guide, Murni was very kind and informative, and all well scheduled for us. Speaks Indonesia very well also (with Thai accent). So, this time we use their service again for Dad and Mom to the same destination (Bangkok – Pattaya) with the same itinerary. Only this time, the guide (Ayu) not as good as Murni. Speaks Indonesia not so well and not very informative. She said Murni has left Janesak to another tour. However, in overall, Dad and Mom has no major complain to the tour. Booking can be done through e-mail: janesak@janesaktravel.com, Website: www.janesaktravel.com.

Ehm… I call it ‘well-packer’, opposite to ‘back-packer’. Everything was well-packed before D-day. Not only tickets and hotels and accommodations and itinerary. We also talking about the whole planning, search for lowest fare tickets, hotels/accommodations that seems doesn’t exist, how to deal with driver, local tour, where to buy bus ticket the cheapest, include buying and watching DVD ‘The Beach’. All information available at internet (if you have time to search them, like us :_P). If the essence of back-packer is to traveling and have fun with the minimum cost, well then, we’ve done well-better than them :_)

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