06 Februari 2008

SingMaThai DAY 6: KL - Singapore

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Wake up 3 in the morning at Johor Baru. The bus stop by for toilet and eat. We also eat, nasi lemak 1 ringgit we bought at Puduraya last night. The bus was quite convenience for sleep, but don’t know why, cannot fully asleep, only half or one-third asleep. Arrive at Singapore at about 6, still dark like 5 in Jakarta. From Lavender bus station we walk about 15 minutes to MRT station. MRT to China Town, People’s Park Centre, where we stay. We’re staying at a house (apartment) owned by Indonesian (Medan), my friend Yohana, who happen to married to Singaporean and stay in Singapore helped us to book a few days ago. That morning, about 7, the door has not open and the phone also not pick-up. So, we go down, and luckily there was a restaurant selling Bakpao, siomay, hakau, and porridge. So we can have our breakfast. At 8, I try to call again, picked up by an old man and gave to her maid. Ok, she said, we can go up. But, we haven’t have a room there, still occupied by others. No problem, we just go to toilet, wash our face, left our bag, then go out.

First stop is Esplanade (Merlion). What I like about Singapore is that the transportation is very convenience, everywhere you can take MRT which very fast and not too long to wait, even if you just missed one. From Lavender to China Town this morning, which was my first ride on Singapore’s MRT (never been to Sing before), saw the Singaporean walking very fast, like wanna run, and those wrinkled face, seems I don’t like Singapore already :_(

At Merlion, we took some nice photos. A tour guide who lead a tour from China, explained that water from Merlion is like money (prosperity), so we can put our hand like wanna retain the water, then took photo like that. See the photo of me and Natz retaining the prosperous water from Merlion, and also the whole family want the water :_)

From there, we headed to Orchard road. Not much in here. Mom bought Giordano shirt for only SGD 6.4 per piece. Cheap. We have lunch, Singaporean’s favorite: chicken rice at Lucky Plaza. We also bought 1 dollar ice cream stick, each. There’s durian, coconut and red bean flavor. This one Natz favorite. She always ate 1 dollar ice cream stick every time in Singapore.

From Orchard, back to China Town, to the apartment, taking shower and sleep for a while. Wake up about 5 then go to Sentosa island at 6, also by MRT to Harbor front, then walk to Vivo mall and take SGD 3 monorail to Sentosa island. The monorail ticket was for return (two way) trip. Arrived at Sentosa about 6.30 PM, directly line to buy Songs of the Sea ticket. We heard that 7.20 show, people already wait inside from 6. But lucky, the ticket still available. And still have time for free ride around Siloso beach by Sentosa shuttle van. Then going in to the sea theater at 7, still time to take photo before the show start.

Songs of the Sea is the famous laser and singing show at Sentosa island. It combined the human singing, water shows, laser, lighting, and fireworks. Really a festive show and entertaining. SGD 5 per person was really worth the show.

From Song of the Sea, we headed to the Merlion statue at the top side of Sentosa island. This one bigger and lighted by blue color (become purple at the photo). From here, after a few photo, headed back to Vivo mall by monorail. From Vivo mall took MRT from Harbor Front to China Town. then we go by walk to the centre of China Town. Very crowded and noisy there. Small street only for walk, traders everywhere selling souvenir, candy, mushroom, Chinese medicine, Chinese fancies, coconut and fruits, even durian. We bought 3 packs Malaysian durian for SDG 10. The seller offer us 7 for SGD 20. But 3 packs is more than enough. For dinner we stop at Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice. The place is full, so the food must delicious. Turned-out right, very delicious, much more delicious than chicken rice we took at Lucky Plaza (lunch).

Go back to our place, took shower then have a good sleep. Tomorrow must check-out back to KL for going to Genting Highland.


EE IN (People’s Park Centre No 2404)
Actually this is a place to live, a home of Indonesian. Many of place like this in People’s Park Centre, so if you didn’t get the room, they will help you find another (they have a lot of channels). If you travel alone or for young people, also can rent only place to sleep (at living room). They will accommodate you by pillow and blanket. This way can be cheaper. A room for 5 people like we rent cost us SGD 95 a night. Quite expensive. EE IN (Indonesian name: Fieriany) can be reach at +65 65352118. The phone will be picked up by an old man (her father), or by her maid (from Java, mbak mbak). All speaks bahasa Indonesia.

Thanks to Hacu (Hendry Tjoe) for borrowing us the MRT card. And to Yohana whose help us book the place to stay at Singapore :_)

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