05 Oktober 2007

BSN medical Indonesia

PT BSN medical Indonesia opened its new spacious and commodious premises on the fourth floor of the German Centre in May 2006. The company came about as a result of a fusion of two long standing names in the health care market - Beiersdorf medical and Smith+Nephew.Beiersdorf AG and Smith+Nephew each held a 50% share in BSN medical which was launched in April of 2001, before BSN medical was sold in January of this year to Montagu, an European private equity investor company.

BSN medical's main business is in consumable medical products which are sold in three categories - wound care, orthopedics (casting, splinting and bandaging) and Phlebology, a new product which BSN medical Indonesia propose to launch in the first quarter of 2007 after some intensive education of the Indonesian market.

The staff have benefited from the move to the German Centre
PT BSN medical Indonesia employ some 32 people, 22 of whom are located in the German Centre and the rest placed throughout Indonesia. Beyond this, a further 70 are indirect employees serve BSN medical's growing clientele.
The target market includes hospitals and clinics and BSN medical's products are sold through their sole distributor, PT Anugrah Argon Medica.

PT BSN medical's offices used to be in Kuningan occupying space owned by the then parent company, Beiersdorf Indonesia. That was about five years ago and since that time the company has grown considerably well and so has its requirement for space.

The German Centre has proven to be a pleasing choice for PT BSN medical, not only because of the ample space and the modern facilities available to tenants, but also because the BSD area has proven to be a pleasant place to live and work and as a result of the move, many of the staff have benefited.

PT BSN medical Indonesia is optimistic about the future. At the moment they are number 1 or 2 in terms of growth in consumable medical products and the challenge for the future is to see how well the business globally can grow in a developing market including Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

PT BSN medical Indonesia
German Centre Suite 4340-4460
Jl. Kapt. Subijanto Dj.
Bumi Serpong Damai
Tangerang 15321, Indonesia
Tel. +(62-21) 537 6248
Fax. +(62-21) 537 6258

From http://www.germancentre.co.id/

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